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To be placed on MVT’s auditions list for advance notice via email, please signup on this website, contact MVT at (808) 988-6131, or email us. 

June 27-July 14


A local-kine Hawaiian pidgin musical comedy by Lisa Matsumoto and Roslyn Catracchia produced in association with Kaimuki High School Performing Arts Center. This final segment in the original “Once Upon One Time” musical comedy trilogy written by Lisa Matsumoto continues in that tradition with a delightful adaptation of the traditional fairy tales we all know and love. The result is a comedic, local fantasy full of energetic songs and colorful characters including Da Six Menehune, Hauna and Tantaran, Da Wicked Queen and many other local-style and traditional fairy tale characters. It’s great family entertainment as they go on a fun and crazy adventure!



Sunday, April 21, 6 - 9pm, Manoa Valley Theatre

Monday, April 22, 6 - 9pm, Manoa Valley Theatre

Wednesday, April 24, 6 - 9pm Callbacks, Kaimuki High School Performing Arts Center




Please prepare 16-32 bars of a song that best showcases your vocal range and character, AND a narrative joke or short comedic monologue, preferably using the dialect of the character for which you are auditioning.


You may either bring sheet music in your own key (no onsite transpositions). An accompanist will be provided OR you may provide your own instrumental track to accompany your song. Please bring the track on your phone or other electronic device, cued to your cut, if necessary, and be prepared to pair it with a Bluetooth enabled speaker.





Kahaʻi: Friendly and inviting, he loves to read and tell stories.

Kelli: An avid reader, she is young, curious, and loves fairy tales.

Surfer Dude: A laid back, easygoing California surfer dude who is a blend of Jeff Spicoli and Bill & Ted.


Local Fairy Tale Characters

King Lolo: A local king who is not very bright.

Queen Kaluna: King Lolo's bossy wife.

Prince Ikaika: King Lolo's and Queen Kaluna's son. He was cursed as a baby and is now seeking to have the spell broken by finding true love's kiss.

Princess Lokelani: Prince Ikaika's kindhearted and loving younger sister.

Aunty Dis: One of the three fairies. Mediator who is constantly trying to keep the peace and spread the Aloha spirit.

Aunty Dat: Second of the three fairies. Sarcastic aunty who instigates arguments with Aunty Da Kine.

Aunty Da Kine: Third of the three fairies. Small and feisty tita.

Da Hagemogi Fairy: Non-discernable as to whether it is a man or a woman, looks almost homeless. Yet he/she has great powers and casts spells when angered or insulted.

Hauna: One of the evil stepsisters. Desperately wants to find a handsome prince to marry. Drag role. Speaks with a Filipino accent.

Tantaran: The other evil stepsister. Desperately wants to find a handsome prince to marry. Drag role. Speaks with a Filipino accent.

Da Wicked Queen: Loud and bossy, she is the ruler of Da Kingdom. She's very conceited and high makamaka.

One Noddah Hunta: Da Wicked Queen’s local hunter. He’s not very bright and a bit psycho. He loses his temper easily, but also has a big heart.

Da Mean Mongoose: The local version of The Big Bad Wolf. He's a rascal, but tough and menacing. He's constantly hungry and always getting into trouble.

Manuel: A Filipino shoemaker. The hardworking and loving father of Miguel. Speaks with a Filipino accent.

Miguel: The devoted son of Manuel. He works in the family business. Speaks with a Filipino accent.

King Real Tight Fut: A wealthy and proud Chinese King who is very frugal with his money. Speaks with a Chinese accent.

Queen Nose High Up: A wealthy and proud Chinese Queen who is very concerned with status. Speaks with a Chinese accent.

Princess Ho Stuck Up: A local Chinese princess and daughter of Tight Fut and Nose High Up. She's very pretty, but spoiled, selfish, and sarcastic.

Prince Won Cute Guy: The first son of Tight Fut and Nose High Up, and brother of Princess Ho Stuck Up. He's a fun-loving Chinese prince who is a martial arts expert.

Prince Chah Ming Won: The second son of Tight Fut and Nose High Up, and brother of Princess Ho Stuck Up. He's a highly energetic Chinese prince who is a martial arts expert.

Prince Warubozu: A nice local Japanese prince.

Da Six Menehunes: Who, Wat, Wen, Wea, Why, and How Come. Fun-loving local version of the Dwarfs.

The Six Dancing Princesses: Sandy, Mandy, Candy, Brandy, Randi, and Dawn. Cousins of Princess Lokelani and Prince Ikaika, they’re energetic and peppy cheerleader/sorority sister types. Must dance well.


Traditional Fairy Tale Characters 

The Lost Princess: A beautiful, unnamed fairy tale princess who is forever getting lost and confused.

Snow White: A beautiful, sweet, and innocent storybook princess.

Snow Babe: A California-girl, tougher version of Snow White created by Surfer Dude.

Cinderella: A beautiful storybook princess who is on the run. She is frantic and talks too much and too quickly.

Prince Charming: A conceited version of the traditional Prince Charming.



Michael Ng (Director) holds a B.A. in Theatre from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. Last seen as The King of Siam in I'm A Bright Kid Foundation's The King and I, he has worked professionally as an actor both in Hawaiʻi and on the mainland. His directing credits include Mamma Mia! (DHT), The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (MVT), Lisa Matsumoto's Once Upon One Time (MVT), Once Upon One Noddah Time (MVT), The Princess and the Iso Peanut (MVT), A Timeless Princess (Edgewater Productions), and nearly two dozen productions at the Kaimuki High School Performing Arts Center. Michael also wrote, produced, and directed Peace by Piece which premiered at the 2013 Hawaiʻi International Film Festival. He is currently on faculty at Punahou School teaching theatre.


Miguel Cadoy III (Musical Director) is the director of the Academies of Farrington High School and Artistic Director of the Farrington Performing Arts Center. He received his Masters in Music Education from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. He can be seen performing around the island, nationally & internationally, best known for his role as Hula Hoop the Octopus in Honu By The Sea, the Musical. Past credits include John Jasper in The Mystery of Edwin Drood (MVT), Judas (swing) in Jesus Christ Superstar (DHT), Man 1 in Songs for a New World (IABK), Cain/Japheth in Children of Eden (IABK), Frankie Suzuki in Allegiance (MVT), Tinman in The Wiz (IABK), Sebastian in The Little Mermaid (DHT). He has also music/vocal directed throughout the island including local productions of Once Upon One Noddah Time (MVT), The Last Five Years (StageFish), The King & I (PTW), Hairspray (PTW), and many iterations of In the Heights. All glory to God! IG: @miguel.cadoyiii


Kaʻohinani Yojo Daniels (Choreographer) is humbled to collaborate with the actors and creative team of Happily Eva Afta. Kaʻohi grew up dancing hula and playing on the beaches and hills of Kailua. A graduate of UH Mānoa College of Education, Kaʻohi traveled and performed with the Rainbow Dancers and continued her studies in Theatre + Dance and ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi during her years at UHM. After living and performing in the continental U.S. and Europe, Kaʻohi returned home to join the Mid-Pacific Institute School of the Arts (MPSA) dance faculty. Local stage credits: MVT, DHT, Tau Dance Theatre, ʻŌhiʻa Productions, and the Royal Dance Company with Kumu Hula Robert Uluwehi Cazimero. Choreography: ‘Ōhi’a Productions, MVT, MPSA, UHM Department of Theatre + Dance. Kaʻohi currently serves Native Hawaiian youth and families through her work with Liliʻuokalani Trust and sends aloha and mahalo to her ‘ohana, ke Akua, Lisa, Tammy, Ros, Sonia and the ‘Ōhi’a family.

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