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Aloha MVT Ohana Afoha and welcome to, the opening of Manoa VaHeyTheatre's 53rd Season. l'm so glad to have you join us here in the theatre tonight. lt's morn than 18 months since we were fo rc:ed to close the doors due to the Covid-il..9 iPandemic1 and we're still here! We had hoi)led to op,en at full capacity, but as we open Be More Chill., J'm fiHed with ·nope; like we've turned. the corner; To me, being back in the theatre, feels like the breaking of a new dawn after a long cold winter's night. Someday- very soon, ]'m looking forward to curtain speeches, ••heHo􀂫. handshakes (?JJ a glass of wine on the lana􀂰 rehearsals) blackol!l.ts, waves of laughtei:. stifled so bs1 coU ective gasi)ls and famng over audiences. Microphone feedback, set malfunction, dropped lines  and moments ofbriniance that foHo'lt-v those misha_ps. Smiles! Late actors1 late cre\l\11 late audience members, late curta"' ins., late nights.  Au.d.ience members saying, '\vhat was that?" .,Wow! and being SiJleechless. Gr-eetings. with hugs.! Oh, how 'I've missed those. We'll be there soon, bu.t '\!\re still have some work to do. [t appears that vaccination is the most important .action that you. can take to fight the spre-ad of the virus. We have provided the safest venue possible for your protection. ]n a.d.dition to 11equiring everyone to be fully vaccinated, \\re ask that you co ntinu.e to wash hands, m.ask and distance. We've come so far, and \ l\'lll get this. let me express my sincerest gratitude for your support through this very difficult time. You helped l!1S to the opening of our 53rd season.] iook forward to the day when I will greet yo 111 at the theatre with a rrn.ello"' and a hug. With warm aloha,  Kip Wilborn Executive Director