A drama by Susan Kim adapted from the novel by Amy Tan

November 26–December 12, 2021

The Joy Luck Club tells the story of four older Chinese American women and their complex relationships with their American-born daughters. The play moves from China in the early twentieth century and San Francisco from the 1950s to the 1980s, as the eight women struggle to reach across a seemingly unpassable chasm of culture, generation and expectations to find strength and happiness.


“The Joy Luck Club is a tender story that speaks to the American experience of adjusting to a new life while carrying the wounds from an old one.” —StageRaw



Reiko Ho is a Hawai’i- based director, performer, and educator with a Masters degree in Theatre and Dance.  She is an accomplished theatre artist who loves bringing Asian American and Pacific Islander stories to life. Much of her directorial work in the last decade focused on developing original works by emerging AAPI and Hawai’i artists.  Reiko is yonsei, fourth generation born and raised in Hawaiʻi, and she is especially committed to telling stories that speak to the diverse communities of her island home. 


Other directorial projects in 2020-2021 include Musubi Man (HTY), The Carp Who Would Not Quit (HTY) which she also wrote, and Lovey Lee (KKT). Next Spring, she is thrilled to be directing MVTʻs upcoming production of Lauren Yeeʻs Cambodian Rock Band .  She is also part of the Emmy® Award winning team creating HTYʻs hit tv show, The HI Way and serves as the coach for Civil Beatʻs Storytellers Series.  


Reiko is Artistic Associate for Honolulu Theatre for Youth and is the owner/sensei of Red Lotus Hawai’i, a martial arts and fitness school