Day to day management of the theatre is accomplished by a full-time professional staff of 7, part-time professional staff of 4, and 2 professional consultants. MVT’s Executive Director is responsible for all business and artistic operations of the theatre.


Executive Director

The Executive Director is responsible to the Board of Directors for the artistic and business management of the organization including play selections, marketing, budgeting and financial reporting, administrative staffing, artistic staffing, and fundraising. Kip has been in the position since July 1, 2019.

Hope Laidlaw

Operations Manager

The Operations manager is responsible for supporting the Executive Director in overall management of the Theatre, organization and staffing of the business office, and daily business office transactions.  Hope has been in the position since 2021.


Technical Director

The Technical Director is responsible for the construction of sets for MVT productions and presentations; configuring the theatre’s stage and seating areas; maintaining the technical shop area and equipment; storing unused materials, set pieces, and seating components; providing general maintenance of the facility; and providing general support of the overall production department of the company.  Shell is back in this position as of 2021. 


Production Manager

The Production Manager is responsible for the day-to-day implementation of the theatre’s play production program including coordinating and managing each production’s budget, schedule and personnel, facilitating the accomplishment of tasks between production departments, and assisting as an additional tech assistant as needed. Janine has been in the position since 2021.


Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant is the primary box office staff member during daytime box office hours, coordinates preview attendance and playbill advertising, and provides general administrative support to the business office. Erich has been in the position since 2003.


Costume Supervisor

The Costumer Supervisor is responsible for the design, construction, coordination and maintenance of the theatre’s costumes. Costume and wardrobe volunteers are trained and coordinated by the Costumer. Jennifer has been in the position since 2016.