Introduction to Play Writing:

Finding your truth with Sean Joseph Choo 

May 8, 2021 noon


“An Exploration into Sharing Your Experiences in Narrative Form for Others to Enjoy, be Challenged, and be Inspired.” - Sean

Let Sean help you discover your writer's voice! Join award-winning performer, writer, and composer Sean-Joseph Choo in a workshop exploring writing, performance, and the creative process. In this class for beginning writers, learn about the roles and responsibilities of a writer as we explore how to create a monologue through the art of story-telling. Find the truth in your own story as you work with Sean to craft your monologue.

Sean-Joseph Choo is an actor, composer, and writer based in Honolulu, Hawai'i. He is interested in stories of the unheard, the unseen, and the unknown, and likes to imagine how the topics of religion, queerness, and culture intersect and conflict, and how they can be dramatized. Sean is dedicated to stories that are born from and belong to Hawai'i.


A company actor employed at Honolulu Theatre for Youth, he has helped devise many theatre for young audience shows. Most recently his acting/composing/writing work can be seen on "The HI Way" broadcasting on Hawaii News Now.


Sean's plays have been selected for readings at Playbuilders of Hawai'i (short plays: Dirty Kitchen, Happy Bar and Da Kine Hawaiian Soap Opera, full length play: Beretania Snapshots) and various events at Kumu Kahua Theatre (one acts: Origami, Kanpai Kindness, Janice Nakayama is My Ex-Girlfriend).  He was accepted into the inaugural Creative Lab Hawai'i Weekend Ideation Program in Theater, and is excited to be one of the three playwrights accepted into the 2021 Creative Lab Hawai'i Playwrights Immersive Program.


He is a member of the Dramatists Guild, the Playwright Development Committee at Kumu Kahua Theatre, and the Consortium of Asian American Theaters & Artists.